Go Green

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    At Home In Nature

    18/04/2019 VARIO has taken the life cycle in nature as a model in order to ensure production is as resource-friendly as possible. This begins with the PEFC- certified raw material. We use only wood from forests that have proven sustainable management. We invest in fully integrated locations in order to limit transport to a minimum. Sawmill, chipboard processing, and laminate production are right next to each other.
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    Go Green”

    17/06/2017 Thank you for choosing Vario laminate flooring! You are not only choosing a Quality Product, but also an Environmentally Friendly product. Your choice has contributed towards preserving the earth we live in, by emphasizing on the use of quality raw materials and consistencies in high quality laminate flooring. Vario have never neglected its contribution in making the products Environmentally Friendly.